Time spent at Anabukitei


Scandinavian furniture at Anabukitei

Daylight hours in northern Europe are short and the winters are long. Many hours are spent at home where furniture brings a special sense of coziness. Materials that project natural warmth, designs that create pleasant space, craftsmanship that grows in aesthetic quality with use, durability – the principles behind Scandinavian furniture dovetail with the values of Anabukitei. Japanese culture shares the Scandinavian appreciation of wood. Wood blends well with Japanese-style living space. Anabukitei spaces are designed around Scandinavian furniture, helping you unwind and deepen your relationship with your fellow travelers.

Relaxing lighting

Bright light that illuminates the entire room creates flat, shadowless space, while light that is too bright produces a discomforting glare. Anabukitei aims for gradation of light and shadow, with soft Scandinavian lighting creating a pleasing sense of depth.

Beautiful chairs

Most of the chairs in Anabukitei were made by Carl Hansen & Søn, a Danish furniture maker dating back over 100 years. Master designers such as Hans J. Wegner, Arne Jacobsen and Kaare Klint turned out some of their finest works here. The chairs are works of skilled craftsmanship that ensure a good sitting posture, while gently supporting your body and helping you relax.