Setouchi Hygge

Listen to the sound of the Seto Inland Sea

Browse with sound
Browse without sound

If you set too many goals,
your trip will be busy and rushed.
Instead, we suggest a trip that is restful and rejuvenating
at a special place, Anabukitei.

On the day you arrive at Anabukitei,
you become the owner of a grand residence
with a large garden and elegant living area.
Relax and refresh your mind and body
in the outdoor bath and sauna.

The Setouchi area has a mild climate
and the sea is never far away.
You can do anything or nothing,
whatever suits your mood of the day.

The colors of the light.
The cries of the birds and the sounds from the street.
The scents of the season.
The rich flavors of local Japanese food.
The warm touch of Japanese tatami.
A stay filled with sensory experiences.

Surrender yourself to nature
and set your mind free.

Setouchi Hygge

Be filled with a sense of freedom
and a feeling of coziness.