A personalized trip introducing you to the off-the-beaten-track attractions of Setouchi

Anabukitei is not just a place to stay. We will create a personalized activity plan for you, designed expressly to your wishes. Here is your chance to experience Japanese culture, discover local tastes and meet local people.


Meet wasanbon, traditional Japanese sugar used in making Japanese sweets

Anabukitei will arrange for you to be picked up at the airport. After you have checked in, you will have the opportunity to make one of Japan’s most famous sweets at the hotel. Only produced in Kagawa and Tokushima Prefectures, wasanbon is a traditional sugar with a history of over 200 years. Our “Wasanbon Ambassador” will teach you how to mold colorful, cute-shaped sweets using a wooden frame. After you have been professionally dressed in kimono, you can savor the smooth, sophisticated sweetness of your freshly made wasanbon sweets with traditional matcha powdered green tea. You can then enjoy a leisurely stroll around the town dressed in your kimono. Dinner will be served at a long-established tempura restaurant specially selected by the owner of Anabukitei where you can relish exquisite tempura made with local Kagawa seafood. On returning to the hotel, the remainder of the evening is yours to relax.


  • Option 1: Shodoshima
  • Option 2: Naoshima

An island filled with surprises

You will take the ferry from Takamatsu Port to Shodoshima for a refreshing hike amid the scenic beauty and breath-taking panoramic views of Kankakei Gorge with its strange-shaped rocks formed by volcanic activity over 13 million years ago. Lunch will be a Japanese meal that pairs locally sourced ingredients with soy sauce, one of the island’s traditional industries. In the afternoon you will visit a soy sauce brewery that continues to practice the traditional fermentation method using huge wooden barrels, home to the bacteria that give the soy sauce its unique taste. Before returning to Takamatsu, there will be time for a break at a bakery in a traditional Japanese house and a popular gelato shop.

Contemporary art lover’s paradise

Naoshima is famous as Japan’s art island. The Chichu Art Museum, designed by internationally renowned architect Tadao Ando, houses a collection of art including works by Claude Monet and James Turrell, while the Benesse House Museum is also a hotel based on the concept of “coexistence of nature, architecture and art.” Apart from the museums, discovering the artworks dotting the island is one of the charms of Naoshima. In the afternoon, you will see outdoor artworks, the Art House Project to revitalize traditional houses through art, and other examples of how art is blended into island life.


Culinary delights delivered by special catering service

Dinner will be delivered to Anabukitei by catering service and you can savor the luxury of authentic Italian cuisine prepared in front of you by Seiji Nakano, chef of La Salute. Relax and enjoy exquisite Italian cuisine made with seasonal ingredients, the perfect ending to an experience-filled day.


Ritsurin Garden, once the private garden of feudal lords for over 200 years

Breakfast on your last day is rice porridge in Ritsurin Garden, designated a Special Place of Scenic Beauty and awarded a three-star rating by the Michelin Green Guide Japan. Enjoy Japanese breakfast in the calm and peaceful teahouse while soaking in the views. After that, step back in time and imagine yourself as a feudal lord or an important official in the Edo Shogunate as you enjoy the garden vista while you are punted around the ponds in a traditional wooden boat.

If you are the kind of person for whom simply going around places leaves you feeling you are missing something ~

We will help make your trip stimulating and unique through quintessentially Japanese “omotenashi,”whether in the form of an experience, a meal or a hotel. Satisfy your curiosity with your very own tailor-made plan.



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