The world has changed into a high-speed environment.
With the vast abundance of information at our disposal
and the convenience of high technology,
our world can be a rather stressful place at times.

So what do we need to survive in such a world?
To feel refreshed and rejuvenated in cozy surroundings.
To slow down and relax completely.
That I thought is what we can offer at Anabukitei now.

The Setouchi region enjoys a mild climate throughout the year.
The sea is calm and the scenery is magnificent.
We hope you will come here to unwind and relax.
That is what Anabukitei is for.

Anabukitei was built by my grandfather,
who started out as a carpenter,
helping to rebuild Japan in the aftermath of the war,
and who went on to establish his own construction company.
Anabukitei has just undergone refurbishment,
ready to welcome guests as a place of rest and relaxation.
Though in a different form, this was also my grandfather’s wish.

Built over 50 years ago, Anabukitei is a residence with a story.
Architects and craftsmen used to gather here
and discuss the future of the city.
It is now a place where you can forget time,
a place of relaxation, rest and tranquility.

Anabukitei’s charm is that time slows down here.
We will do our best to ensure
that your stay is comfortable, cozy and relaxing.


Owner Eitaro Anabuki