The house where I and my family lived became vacant some years ago.

I considered selling it, but eventually decided that I didn’t want to part with it.

I want it to welcome travelers from around the world not as a house, but as a home away from home.

I hope guests will enjoy a relaxing stay here in a house full of human warmth and happy memories.

The Story of Anabukitei

Originally the home of a construction company president

With its striking castle tower, the house was always a conspicuous local landmark. The “tei” of Anabukitei means house or residence and as the name implies, until several years ago it was a family home. Though it is now a hotel, the nameplate on the door remains to this day. The house was built in the late 1960s by Natsuji Anabuki, founder and president of Anabuki Construction Company, and grandfather of the current owner, Eitaro Anabuki. After starting out as a carpenter in postwar Japan, Natsuji built Anabuki into one of Japan’s leading construction companies. A gentle and honest man, he was deeply respected by all who knew him.

A local symbol for 50 years

Though the house was built over 50 years ago, the exterior remains virtually unchanged with its impressive gate and distinctive castle tower. The tower wasn’t part of the original design but was added to reassure clients, who were duly impressed by the grandeur of the president’s home. It was such an eye-catching building that the local children used to come and ask to see round it. Incidentally, the tower was not designed to be climbed. It was purely a symbol built to be viewed from the outside to reassure and amuse everyone who saw it.

Memories of a happy childhood

Four generations of the Anabuki family, from Natsuji’s parents to his grandchildren, lived in the house. Whether business associates or relatives, the house was always full of people. It was a family home bursting with warmth. Today, the house has undergone total renovation, but the Japanese room on the ground floor has been retained as a reminder of a bygone era. The layout of the rooms is also virtually as it was, including the kitchen and bathrooms.

Come and create your own memories here!

In time, Natsuji’s grandson, Eitaro, grew up and left home. After studying and working abroad for several years, Eitaro returned to Takamatsu just around the time when the house became empty. He considered putting it on the market, but in the end decided that he was too attached to it to part with it. He then considered using it as a hotel, taking the view that letting people enjoy use of the house would be the best solution both for the house and for his family. With his prior experience in the private lodging business, Eitaro decided to manage the hotel himself. Anabukitei has been transformed from a family home into a hotel for exclusive use and everyone who comes to stay here will be welcomed as a member of the family.


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